Bayside Therapies is a holistic healing centre that provides treatment in the areas of Massage, Yoga & Healing 

The home of trauma healing therapies on the far south coast:

  • “Got It” Getting Over Trauma in Today workshop

  • “Got it” Getting Over Trauma in Today weekend intense workshop

  • Hypnotherapy counselling

  • Trauma sensitive yoga (as part of the Got It workshop)

  •  Emotional release massage

  • Remedial and relaxation massage

  •  12 step Yoga (addiction releasing)

  • Co-dependent Anonymous meeting Monday’s 5.30pm

  • Beginner stretch Yoga

About Me

Bayside Therapies was founded by me Victoria Haberley in 2013. My passion is providing and teaching every day practical techniques to heal the lingering effects of trauma and abuse. Trauma and more specifically PTSD results in other problems such as grief, rage, anxiety, depression, anger, addictions, overeating, co-dependency and family breakdown.

 I know I have lived through them all.

Why (my story)

 I started this journey as a recipient of healing from others and now have become a practitioner myself.

After a childhood steeped in abuse, I choose an abusive teenage marriage and parenthood. My brain and nervous system became overwhelmed trying to cope and I mistakenly took this as a challenge to see how much more I could subject myself to.

 I became co-dependent, a rage alcholic, an alcoholic, miserable, depressed, suicidal, homicidal. I know I was busy. Apart from being resentful, exhausted and overwhelmed every second of the day I was fine. It took a complete estrangement from one of my adult children and her family to see me reach my bottom and truly want recovery.

The relief of finally deciding enough was enough was quickly followed by an inescapable desire to heal,  to finally live a happy life and erase all those effects of trauma that had been running and ruining my life.

The Journey


So, I started the journey. I began with studying massage and Reiki, took a detour through hypnotherapy and counselling, came right back on track with yoga, meditation and mindfulness and finished with some 12 step programs and other behavioral therapies.


I also willingly enrolled myself  in some amazing in-patient programs such as Quest for Life and the Changes Program in South Pacific Private aimed at healing childhood abuse.

I replaced my addiction for stress and trauma and heartbreak with study and healing and self-kindness.


I ended up with several Diploma’s a bit of serenity and a really beautiful business in an amazing part of the world. The far South Coast of New South Wales.

How I heal


Using all the healing knowledge I have gathered over 20 years  I am now able to offer other people a way through their trauma via a series of therapies including behavior changing workshops called “Got It”, hypnotherapy counselling, trauma sensitive yoga, and emotional release massage. The clinic also hosts 12 step Yoga and a Weekly Co-dependent Anonymous meeting.


I specialize in trauma healing techniques because to specialize in anything else would be a bit like a fish riding a bicycle, unique but not quite right. Trauma healing is my passion and will remain so as I continue to learn new techniques and bring them into practice.

I invite you to look around the web site and investigate a therapy or two in particular that might appeal to you. I endeavor to make all my therapies as affordable as I can to everybody. If you need a question answered about anything don’t be afraid to pop over to the contact page and email me.


I am happy to help. At the moment the clinic is open Wednesday and Friday’s 10.30am – 7pm for massage and counselling and other days by appointment and for classes.

Tel: 4472 9881

0414 516 234

Unit 11

9 Orient street

Batemans Bay NSW 2536

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