"allowing you to fully resolve any issues or addictions

while feeling completely supported emotionally"

Hypnotherapy is really just a deep meditation so it is quite soothing and relaxing. Basically, you lay on the comfy massage bed and I relax you from head to toe with a progressive relaxation which allows for the Hypnotherapy to access your subconscious.


I of course went around this in my own special way first gaining my Diploma in Hypnotherapy before delving into the Counselling Diploma. Having said that like most things it worked out better that way in the end. After spending years in counselling, myself still being unable to shift the trauma from my mind and body I knew there had to be a better way and there is.

The subconscious minds direct all our behavior and those of us who have been traumatized certainly have some wonky subconscious messages.

Funnily enough even though we have been carrying so many heavy burdens for so long we feel like failures because of these behavior’s we can’t control, when in reality we are quite resilient and strong to have survived. It can simply help to fine tune the subconscious mind.


Having said that you need to trust your therapist for the procedure to be effective.


So, it’s very important for us to connect with a free initial phone consult before we book you in for any treatment. So please email me:


and I will book you in for a phone consult.


Hypnotherapy Counselling sessions then cost $70 per treatment.

Please note I teach mini self hypnosis techniques in the “Got It” -Getting Over Trauma in Today weekly workshops. It is an inspiring and effective every day tool for changing troubling behaviours

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