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How Trauma Effects Us

Trauma and abuse can cause acting out behavior’s or symptoms for the rest of our lives such as co-dependency, addictions, eating disorders, grief, rage, anger, sexual dysfunction, depression and anxiety to name a few.

These behaviors may drive us to desperation and thoughts that life is not worth living. “Getting better” may often and should involve a rainbow of treatments.


It is very important to try to find an inpatient treatment program and/or supervising therapist at the beginning of recovery. They will help you lay the ground work and manage any medication or self-harm tendencies.


Once you have someone you trust to talk to and explore your trauma or behavior’s with, it is time to expand into other supportive environments such as 12 step programs, support groups. Yoga and mediation spaces to name a few.

This is where my GOT IT program comes in


It stands for “Getting Over Trauma in Today” and it represents the very best of my own recovery experiences and training.  It is a very practical weekly workshop where together we develop every day skills to help you heal your trauma triggers, beliefs and behavior’s.

 It is not only a more affordable way to find help, but it can be filled with great connection and friendship as you go through the process with other people. There is no need to share about your trauma or abuse in the group, the focus is on recovery techniques and how to apply them in your everyday life. You are no longer alone.

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