After completing an Advanced Yoga Diploma, I completed a further Diploma in 2017 via one on one training with Aloha Yoga on the South Coast. I have since gone on to study both Trauma Sensitive Yoga and 12 Step Yoga for addiction. After spending time in a couple of Trauma Healing residential programs that placed a huge emphasis on Yoga as a tool for healing trauma. I became more convinced than ever of its healing properties.

Here are the facts, I practice Yoga every day from a few minutes to an hour. I am the downhill side of 40 with a dodgy back and thyroid and yet I can find a yoga practice that is calming and easily accessible.

My classes are actually meant for any level of practice. You do not need to be able to touch your toes in fact we do a lot of chair yoga and use supports like blocks and straps and blankets and bolsters.

All my Yoga classes include a meditation practice, a mindfulness component where we work with the breath and the body to gently focus the mind.

Within a short while you will be able to develop a gentle home practice to use daily to provide a foundation of calm and self-regulation in your life.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Workshops


You are finally allowed to feel safe and at peace in your own skin. That is why Trauma Sensitive Yoga is an integral part of our weekly “Got It”





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